Thursday, November 29, 2007


Some good news has been shared with me this week! I have been nominated to attend the President's Club event next March in Puerto Rico! It is a fabulous series of days that our company provides annually for those who have excelled in production!

That being said, I would not be involved otherwise, since I am not a loan officer and do not handle production (loans) but also annually staff members who have excelled in other areas are nominated! I am not sure what Joe has written about me or my work or what he feels would be the reason for me to be chosen from our area, but he did ask me on Monday if Gary and I would consider going if I was chosen! It was a very nice offer and I accepted.

In reading how it all comes together, I see only 1 person is selected from each Region, which is a large area, consisting of many states. I would assume there are several other persons who also have been chosen and their names and qualifications have been sent in to the Regional President, who is the one making the decision. I have only met him once, and he really is not familiar with me at all, so we will see how it all plays out.

Still and all, I am thrilled for the opportunity that may await me, and if chosen, it would fall over Gary's 70th birthday, which would be wonderful! The photos of the Resort and Puerto Rico are breaktaking, the clear blue ocean and the lush green grass on the island...

If someone else is selected, I will be happy for them. It will be a great vacation away for someone in March of 2008!

Now onwards to another busy day. It has been a difficult week at work and there is a lot of stress this week, so I daily go in and hope more positive things can begin happening there again. I am working at this time with too many unhappy people and it is stressful for me when that happens too.


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Rachel and Jared said...

Hi Bev! It's Rachel! I came upon your blog from Elliott and Holly's blog. How are you and Gary doing? This is such a fun way to keep in touch! Jared and I have a blog too, please take a look!