Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Thoughts

As it gets warmer in Arizona daily, my thoughts return to years of living in Minnesota and Iowa, with the lovely gatherings of family and friends, but also the return of hot and humid weather. However, the lakes in Minnesota and Iowa both were a joy! And, they were a lot closer than they are in Arizona. That being said, the summer ahead proves to be a wonderful one, gathering our entire family at the Pacific Ocean .

I can picture it already, digging in the sand, running into the ocean, standing in mud and squishing your feet. Watching five active and fascinating grandchildren will be the best! We, as parents and grandparents will watch them and help them along with their efforts but be captivated with all the ideas they share and fun they will enjoy together! Nothing is better than a family gathering. Both Gary and I had more of that growing up and this special time in July
will be priceless!

Balls will be thrown, some may be buried in sand for awhile, squirt guns will be used, laughter will fill the air. We will also see some areas nearby that will be of interest to the older ones as well as the young ones. Preparing meals together, sharing them, taking the time to enjoy the hours and days will be the best!

I often think of when guests arrive and you are so happy to see them and open your arms and greet them. That is so special and the farewells are so difficult, as a Mother and Grammy, I treasure all the times. I remember past times and look at photos and know more pictures will be taken, some videos, and we will talk about this months later and say we must do it again!

If you are reading this, plan some fun this summer. Food has gone up, gas has gone up, prices of nearly everything are higher, but take the time and do what you can to enjoy some really fun times this coming summer. You deserve it and summer only lasts so long and then schedules begin again and the busy days fill your calendar!!

Grammy Orluske

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